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ViExtreme is a platform which allows artists to share by submission, providing a medium for creators to submit for sharing, free on site listing and regular social media promotion. Accepting content submissions for website listing which either sends a message of awareness, may inspire others, performance entertainment or submit official  music video links for promotion which we then also go on to promote through social media.

Our main mission is to help you become noticed by not only the public, but also industry figures who may look to provide you with further opportunities, experiences or even the big break. With listings coming from the music industry like artists, bands, musicians, labels, and to the entertainment industry such as performance entertainers along with standup comedians who are all looking for further exposure of their craft or talents.

We at ViExtreme look to keep it as fair as possible for every aspiring artist where money does not rule over someone's creative genius, expression or passion. Listings of pictures or submitted video links viewed by visitors, who in turn join us in sharing through social media with further free promotion leading toward you and your creative work becoming viral content.

"Performance entertainment or music video promotion, ViExtreme is sending you viral."
Performance entertainment or music video promotion, ViExtreme is sending you viral." - See more at: http://viextreme.com/#sthash.oIN7u56A.dpuf

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